Security Features

Security Features

by ibewp
IBE copiers and printers come with a range of security features that can be enabled and optimized at the client’s discretion. If document security is a priority for your business, contact us to learn more about our security features.

Keep Your Copiers Secured

IBE provides a variety of options for securing access to your copiers and printers. Access codes, ID cards, thumbprint scanners, and other tools can be used to keep track of which of your employees have access to your machines, when, and how often they use them. In addition to maintaining the security of your machines, these features can be used to control usage of the machine and control costs.

HIPAA Compliance and More

If your industry has specific regulatory guidelines for document management, IBE can customize a solution for you that incorporates a variety of equipment security features. Don’t let sensitive documents pass through your copiers and printers without keeping track of users, timestamps, and more. ┬áIBE’s security features will give you unparalleled control over your imaging systems.

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