IBE’s Print Environment Optimization for the City of Montebello

Executive Summary

IBE Digital was entrusted with the critical task of overhauling the print environment for the City of Montebello, which faced challenges including an inefficient copier fleet distribution, an oversaturation of imaging equipment, and a lack of color copiers leading to high outsourcing costs. Furthermore, there was no system in place to monitor user print activities.

Assessment Findings

  • Inefficient Fleet Distribution: The City’s copier fleet was not optimally distributed, affecting accessibility and workflow. 
  • Equipment Oversaturation: An excess of copiers and desktop printers led to unnecessary complexity and cost.
  • Color Copier Shortage: The absence of sufficient color copiers forced the city to incur high costs by outsourcing color print jobs.
  • Lack of Usage Monitoring: There was no system to track or manage how the city’s employees were utilizing the printing resources.

The Solution

IBE Digital proposed a comprehensive solution to address these issues effectively: 

  • Fleet Upgrade: The plan included upgrading to a full-color fleet, with the exception of a few select desktop units where color was deemed unnecessary, to streamline operations and reduce the need for outsourcing. 
  • Equipment Consolidation: Excess copiers and all desktop printers were to be eliminated. The remaining equipment would be upgraded to models with higher speed and capacity, improving efficiency and reducing the number of devices required.
  • Implementation of Papercut: This software solution would enable leadership to set print policies, including individual print allotments, and facilitate secure and efficient printing through user authentication via ID cards.

Cost Savings:

Leveraging the Sourcewell Contract 083116-KON, not only did the municipality avoid a costly and arduous RFP process, but IBE’s print solution projected a minimum monthly saving of $4425.21 compared to their former vendor, translating to an annual savings of $53,102.52. This substantial cost reduction was achieved without compromising, and in fact, by enhancing the print fleet’s capabilities alongside the implementation of a city-wide toner/ink recycling program at no additional cost.


The proposed solution included 42 units of advanced Konica Minolta copiers and 2 Canon plotters, tailored to the specific needs of various city departments, from administrative offices to public works and recreation. This upgrade was coupled with a service contract covering all necessary parts, labor, service calls, and supplies, excluding paper, staples, and taxes, and guaranteed a response time of no more than four hours.


The partnership with IBE Digital enabled the City of Montebello to significantly improve its print environment, both in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By modernizing the fleet, implementing smart print management software, and consolidating the equipment, the city not only achieved substantial cost savings but also took a step forward in sustainability through the Green Planet Program. This case study showcases IBE’s capability to deliver tailored, impactful solutions to complex organizational challenges.

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