City of Norwalk

Work Performed: IBE Digital successfully conducted a comprehensive IT assessment of the City of Norwalk’s city-wide IT infrastructure. This crucial evaluation was the foundational step in developing a strategic IT Roadmap, tailored to align the city’s technology infrastructure with industry best practices.


Key stages and achievements of this project included:

Operating System Modernization: Upgrading and optimizing the operating systems across all city departments to enhance performance, security, and compatibility with contemporary applications.


Network Upgrade and Design: Revamping the existing network infrastructure to improve connectivity, speed, and reliability, ensuring a robust framework for city operations.


Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Protocols: Implementing comprehensive backup solutions and disaster recovery plans to safeguard critical data and ensure continuity of operations in emergency situations.


Storage Modernization: Upgrading storage solutions to more efficient, secure, and scalable systems, meeting the growing data needs of the city.


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Replacement: Installing modern UPS systems to ensure continuous and reliable power supply for critical IT infrastructure, minimizing downtime and protecting against data loss.


Intune Enablement: Implementing Microsoft Intune to streamline and secure device and application management across the city’s IT ecosystem.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Implementation: Enhancing security protocols by deploying multi-factor authentication, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access to the city’s digital assets.


“Through these concerted efforts, IBE Digital has effectively elevated the City of Norwalk’s IT infrastructure, laying a solid foundation for future technological growth and resilience.”


Mike Johnson Information Technology Manager – City of Norwalk

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