Streamlining Print Operations at Rio Hondo College with IBE’s Expertise Overview

Rio Hondo College (RHC) faced significant challenges in managing its print environment, characterized by a sprawling fleet of 401 devices, including 352 printers and 49 A3 full-size MFPs, spanning 7 different copier vendors and over 25 contracts. This complexity led to inefficiencies, high costs, and operational bottlenecks.

Challenges Identified

  • Inconsistent Fleet: With over 100 different models across various brands, the college’s print environment was fragmented and difficult to manage.
  • Inefficient Setup: The existing combination of B&W copiers and color printers was not cost-effective, leading to unnecessary expenses.
  • Contract Complexity: Managing over 25 different contracts for print services added administrative overhead and inconsistency in service levels.

IBE’s Strategic Approach

IBE conducted a comprehensive print assessment involving a physical walkthrough, contract review, and deployment of a Data Collecting Agent (DCA) to understand the current state and identify optimization opportunities.

Key recommendations included:

  • Consolidation: Transitioning to color copiers and B&W printers to centralize color printing tasks to more cost-effective devices.
  • Standardization: Reducing the model variety from over 100 to just 12, ensuring uniformity, ease of use, and maintenance across the campus.
  • Centralized Management: Implementing a Managed Print Solution to cover all aspects of print management, including parts, supplies, and device maintenance under a flat fee structure, ensuring predictable costs and removing the support burden from the college’s IS department.

Implementation and Outcomes

  • Streamlined Fleet: The adoption of a more standardized and efficient fleet composition significantly reduced operational complexity and improved user experience.
  • Cost Efficiency: The shift towards color copiers for bulk printing needs led to substantial savings, optimizing the college’s budget allocation for print services.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Centralized management freed up the college’s IS department to focus on critical projects, increasing overall institutional productivity.
  • Contract Simplification: Consolidating print services under fewer, more comprehensive contracts streamlined administration and improved service consistency.

Value Delivered

  • Predictable Expenses: The flat fee model provided Rio Hondo College with predictable annual costs, enabling better budget management.
  • Operational Efficiency: Standardizing the fleet and centralizing print management led to increased uptime, reduced maintenance issues, and simplified supply management.
  • Strategic Resource Allocation: By alleviating the IS department from printer-related tasks, the college could reallocate resources to more strategic initiatives.


IBE’s intervention transformed Rio Hondo College’s print environment from a fragmented and inefficient operation to a streamlined and cost-effective system. This transformation not only resulted in significant financial savings but also enhanced operational efficiency and user satisfaction across the campus, setting a new standard for print environment management in educational institutions.

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